AS Roma - Torino FC 4:1

Home AS continues artistic cycling and easy shooting hoops. Today, on the eve of his becoming the next victim of Turin, which the Eternal City Adventures debacle 4: 1st

Wolves at their stadium on Sunday evening welcomed the Bull of Turin and nboj before the game was significant. Both teams are presented primarily tuned offensive football, which is a joy to behold. It was also a battle of two elite shooters who are in very good form and his performances stretch both teams. On the domestic side is another goal reported the experienced striker Edin Džeko, while on the other they opposed Andrea Belotti.

Home coach Luciano Spalletti due to a number of matches in a report made few changes so got Juan Jesus with Leandro Paredes De Rossi's place with Rüdiger. The squad hosts got another chance Lukić young man who gives very good performance. To match the look and Benassi, Barecca or Hart with Moretti, joined in the attack redoubtable trio Belotti, Ljajić and Falque.

All the players and coaching staff AS had on his shirt or suit one number - 24, who wears a long-term injured Alessandro Florenzi. And they hoped that this act of collegiality they bring good luck. In the third minute domestic Wolves won a corner kick that nearly one reflection he finished Juan Jesus, but missed in a difficult position. A much better cope Edin Džeko, who after 11 minutes got the ball from Nainggolana, walked with him for a few meters and a beautiful morning weaker foot prostřelil goalkeeper Hart!

With another avalanche danger hurried centering Kevin Strootman, who first sought nabíhajícího Dzeko. But although defend the defenders of Turin, who, however, his head on the ball in the second wave. There was a well-prepared Mohamed Salah, who did not sports betting online wait a beautiful shot from a volley sent the ball to the goalpost 2 - 0 for Wolves.

After twenty-five minutes, when the initial onslaught AS faded gradually getting Turin increasingly to the ball. His combination of extended and accelerated, but still ended at a respectful distance from the Pole Szczesnyho. Up to the end of the first half of Turin he had a really big chance, when after a quick narážečce suffi missed the ball Belotti, who served the ball on the box. There he was almost finished Marco Benassi, but the shot was ultimately put a foot defending Juan Jesus.

The second half was taking place in a similar vein. Turin whole, although sometimes due Falquému or Ljajic conjured a wonderful pass into the box AS, but the Wolves defender, always consult with a kick. On the other hand, put Edin Džeko to pass from Paredes have a lot of power, but not so much precision. Coach Siniša Mihajlović wanted from his players more action and a strengthening of the offensive sent the game into Rome's old friend - Juan Iturbeho.

Now agile Argentine who in Turin hosted from Rome, ran into the box, where it was at the last moment, disarmed the returning captain Radja Nainggolan. A Wolves punished. After a scramble the ball on the other hand, Leandro Paredes got nothing to invent him. Cuadrado modeled after a similar recent weeks lifted the ball delectable bomb first. Goalkeeper Hart balloon seen at the last minute and capitulated - 3: 0th

Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny but could not keep a clean sheet. It had been on the pitch players like Vermaelen, Totti or on the opposite side of Maxi Lopez. And the experienced striker has matured too late to react defense of AS, so proceeded alone to the Polish goalkeeper. That left him just shoot through your opponent, which mastered to perfection - 3: 1st Goalkeeper Hart on it, however, was much worse, because the settings are descended cross into the box to Totti, who recorded the second wave on Nainggolana and Belgian midfielder was right - 4: 1st