Someone, perhaps, did not remember

Someone, perhaps, did not remember, but in the summer gabonets mentioned that his grandfather once had promised to put on a white T-shirt Royal Club, and, frankly, right now there was quite a good situation for implementing the plan. Karim Benzema is a great striker, but Zinedine Zidane may want to try in its place another type of forward: a more dynamic and explosive. At the same time with Aubameyang potential counter mardridtsev may simply be a hurricane, if Gareth Bale will not be prone to injury, and Cristiano Ronaldo will not give up in terms of physical condition a couple of years.

Hans-Joachim Vattske seem to have a good relationship with Florentino Perez, and the "Real" for dormundtsev is the preferred option: it is easy to agree, the money will not spare, direct competitors are not.

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Gabontsu glad everywhere. Who will win the hunt for the runner Dortmund Photo:?

Why not? Parisians can not hurt to strengthen the line of attack, in which Edison Cavani somehow lonely, although he gives no type. Of course, the rich owner will not be difficult to meet the financial demands of the player and the German club. At the same time PSG perhaps after leaving Zlatan Ibrahimovic is lacking now so bright football player, who also brought important victories.

The prospect of returning to France tempting, but here the question arises satisfy their own ambitions: that, say, Pierre-Emerick prove in League 1? We headless every "Bast" and "Lorient" know what he's a brilliant striker. Even now, Dortmund, he must be an order of magnitude more interesting than the stars in the PSG. Besides Cavani certainly not going to move, but because gabontsu have again prepared to act or procrastination, or on the edge.


The same Pep Guardiola arrived in Germany almost simultaneously with the attacker, and therefore better than most aware of how talent has gabonets. According to rumors the Spaniard will not be in every way to hold on to Sergio Aguero, with the departure of which formed a huge hole in his place in Manchester, and the potential amount received for the Argentine, can be completely sufficient to pay for the transfer Aubameyang.

Gabontsu glad everywhere. Who will win the hunt for the runner Dortmund Photo:?

And if even Lewandowski adapted to the requirements of Guardiola, who made the Pole not only play on the edge, but also periodically shifted to the flanks to receive the ball, then gabonets just like a glove suitable for this role. Despite all the glamor surrounding the striker, he was not considered obstinate, so he quickly adapted to the new championship, and the intensity and complexity of the championship should only provoke Aubameyang.

Although it is not necessary to dwell only on "Manchester City", because there is still an interesting prospect to reunite with J├╝rgen Klopp in the "Liverpool", blossom into a bright football in Arsene Wenger or help to return to the elite of the second club from Manchester, which, as it turned out, one of Ibrahimovic few.