I do not think it is necessary once again to explain

I do not think it is necessary once again to explain that the only way in which the "Liverpool" retains at least a hope of fighting for the title - this win? For wards Antonio Conte extra three points in the treasury another step closer to their cherished goal. Before such important matches are always a lot of questions, to which today we will try to give answers.

If the "Liverpool" wins, he returned to the title race? 1486226072_kerj_zenit.jpg

In fact, quite controversial, because even in this case it does not interfere with nothing to lose points in the next game, "Hull". Liverpool strong team that thrives in big fights and dies when she is confronted by the club, like as not worthy to match flat out on the full with him. That is the root of all the troubles in the red this year.

All in. At stake is hope. What to expect from the match, "Liverpool" - "Chelsea"

They lost all three, but you know who? Here are the names of the offenders - "Burnley", "Bournemouth", "Swansea". Now it became clear that they all goes wrong? It seems that J├╝rgen Klopp is not very likely to make charges to act strictly in accordance with the plan, which is why excessive randomness that helps to surprise top clubs, interfere in the meetings with the middle peasants.

While the "Liverpool" looks like a club that could easily win and lose any, with the case. But to fight for the title in the long run in their current form they do not set up, whereas "Chelsea" a wonderful feeling when you have to sit and when to pounce on an opponent. Even if Liverpool win, the "aristocracy" ahead of overall pretty comfortable calendar, and those wishing to catch the fleeing "Chelsea" and the addition of "Liverpool" a dime a dozen.

Who are the coaches can handle the job better?

Admittedly, the "Chelsea" with Antonio Conte has come a long way from its previous version limp to self-confident favorite today. On the other hand, it is obvious that the team in terms of personalities, not much has changed with respect to the last championship season, and last year's failure was associated with a desire to get rid of Jose Mourinho, and then with the lack of motivation.

All in. At stake is hope. What to expect from the match, "Liverpool" - "Chelsea"

Klopp, let's face it, we had to shovel a lot more dirt to sculpt a nice team play. Yes, they are noticeably lagging behind the Italian's charges, but are on an equal footing with the rest of the Premier League giants. It can not be ignored. If they were in this position, more consistently, and not like a roller coaster, and the attitude towards this fact would be different.

At Conte available pretty decent depth of the composition, while the German team - skin and bones. Although strong, which is already there. To build on the success and act equally well on several fronts, "Liverpool" need to strengthen, but it is the future of business, rather than the present. Although from what has Klopp, he removes virtually all the juice, even to gain stability and then all will be fine.

Felipe Coutinho or Eden Hazard?

Perhaps, it's pretty clear in the comparison team leaders. The Brazilian, of course, can do extraordinary things, but how many times a year does he do it? Coutinho as the embodiment of the present "Liverpool" - strong but terribly unstable. The year before Azar season was so good, that it began to be compared with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. It seems that the Belgian closer to the crazy form.